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My Faith is Renewed in Americans

“So,” you must be thinking, “is Myles talking about the Presidential election polls, the topic of war in Iraq, or even Ford launching a new hybrid fuel SUV?”

The answer, of course, is: none of the above. My story is much more important than any of those. My faith has been restored in Americans, because unlike the debacle of Fox’s “Cupid” where stupid people kept voting for the creepy Ahnold-like beast, my fellow Americans have voted to let Jay London back in the “Last Comic Standing” house after being ousted just a week before.


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  • Bargain Hunting - or, Why My Wife Rocks!

    Allie's New Swing SetO.k., first off, see that picture off to the right there? That’s a new swing set that my wife and I purchased recently. Actually, I should stop right here and tell you that she was the one that found this. Delphine is an amazing garage sale guru. She has the uncanny ability to sniff out a great sale at over 3 miles.

    This particular purchase (I’ll get to the price in a bit) came from a garage sale in the neighborhood just behind ours. We were out, as we are wont to do, garage sale-ing on a beautiful Saturday morning. We pull up to this particular one and get out. I’m looking at the electronics and computer stuff (in typical geek fashion), and she is looking at…well…everything else. She notices a bulletin board that has a picture of the swing set. She calls me over and we look at it. We are blown away by the price.


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  • A Fresh Start

    The Becker Clan - Myles, Delphine and our daughter AllieO.k., all. If you’re seeing this, then you can tell that I’m making a fresh start on I’ve installed new weblog software called MovableType, which will probably surprise some of you, especially since I’ve been such a poo-pooer of blogs in the past.

    However, thanks to my friends that have allowed me to see the light, so to speak, I have decided it’d be the easiest way to keep the site updated. After seeing some extremely well done blogs, I tend to agree.


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