Allie's New Swing SetO.k., first off, see that picture off to the right there? That’s a new swing set that my wife and I purchased recently. Actually, I should stop right here and tell you that she was the one that found this. Delphine is an amazing garage sale guru. She has the uncanny ability to sniff out a great sale at over 3 miles.

This particular purchase (I’ll get to the price in a bit) came from a garage sale in the neighborhood just behind ours. We were out, as we are wont to do, garage sale-ing on a beautiful Saturday morning. We pull up to this particular one and get out. I’m looking at the electronics and computer stuff (in typical geek fashion), and she is looking at…well…everything else. She notices a bulletin board that has a picture of the swing set. She calls me over and we look at it. We are blown away by the price.

See, we’ve been doing a little bit of research on this, since we really want to get Allie a good set that will last. The main problem is the money. The good-sized, well built ones run anywhere from $850 up to $10,000. Seriously. If you don’t believe me, check this site out. So, naturally, when we saw the price on this particular set, we knew we had to get it.

We asked to go see it, and they gladly showed us the set which was in their backyard. It was really nice. The corner posts were all the thick square posts, and the support beams and cross beams were all in great shape. It looked like it could use a good sanding and sealing, but apart from that, it was outstanding. So, why did they want to part with it for a mere $150?!?! Well, as it turns out, they just moved in, are not planning on having any more children, and the previous owners left it as part of the sale. So, really, it worked out well. They got an extra $150 and someone to haul it away to open up their backyard a bit more.

It’s stuff like that all the time for Delphine. She finds the best deals.

One more quick story. Recently, she was looking for a nice table for our back patio. We didn’t really want a wooden table. In fact, Delphine wanted a nice metal and/or glass table which is better for outside. She was at a garage sale and while talking to the hosts, she mentioned that she was looking for a good outdoor table. Well, as it turns out, they just happened to have a nice metal table, painted white, with a glass top, and 5 metal chairs, also painted white, once of which was a rocker. And while this set would normally go for about $600-800 in the store, she was able to find this deal for $50. She then bought about $100 worth of new cushions (the old ones were crap), and we now have a killer $150 outdoor patio table.

Now you see one more of the thousands of reasons why I married her. She rocks. Thanks, honey pie sugar bunch!