“So,” you must be thinking, “is Myles talking about the Presidential election polls, the topic of war in Iraq, or even Ford launching a new hybrid fuel SUV?”

The answer, of course, is: none of the above. My story is much more important than any of those. My faith has been restored in Americans, because unlike the debacle of Fox’s “Cupid” where stupid people kept voting for the creepy Ahnold-like beast, my fellow Americans have voted to let Jay London back in the “Last Comic Standing” house after being ousted just a week before.

The Funny Jay LondonThis hysterical, yet creepy-looking, guy has a love of the one-liner zingers that remind me a lot of one of my favorite commedians, Steven Wright.

Some of my favorite lines of his include:

“I work at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I work in the Beyond department.”

“You might recognize me. I’m the fourth guy from the left on the evolutionary chart.”

“My girlfriend has crabs, so I bought her fish net stockings.”

If you get a chance, definitely check him out. Since he was voted back into the competition, he will be performing on Tuesday, August 3. Then, America votes again, and they kick three people out of the competition (seems a bit much, but I’m not the producer), so let’s hope my faith is still kept fresh after that vote.

And yes, fellow Americans, I now forgive you for “Cupid.”