Birthday Roses

Birthday Roses

My wife is very smart. Most of you know this by now, but I need to throw that out there because she single-handedly figured out ALMOST everything that was going to happen surrounding her birthday today.

Now, granted, she told me what she wanted:

  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - We are both huge Depp fans (obviously she more than I for, again, obvious reasons), and have been looking forward to this for a while. I still wish we could have seen it in the theatres, but ah well. The big screen TV will have to do.
  • “If you are going to get me flowers, I want roses: red, orange and yellow.” - Well, this blew part of my plan, as I had already placed an order last weekend for her usual favorite: purple irises. Thankfully I was able to call and cancel it since they hadn’t left yet. But, she knew, somehow…and here’s the kicker. She wanted the roses from Safeway or King Soopers. WHAT?!?! I thought she was crazy. But I forgot that one little thing: my wife is smart!
  • “I’ve got dinner covered.” - Again, ruining part of my plan. I had secretly talked to Cathy to make sure she could babysit, then I was going to pick up dinner from one of the places close, so that Delphine didn’t have to cook (or Cathy, who is kind enough to watch the kiddos), and so that we could go out. But she already had the big chicken pot pie pulled out and ready to drop in the oven tomorrow afternoon.

[SIGH] She’s so smart.

I had wanted to surprise her with a lot of nice things to add some serenity to the day. You see, she’s got a State Audit this afternoon. She compared it to a big board meeting with the President and Vice President of a company, so it’s a big deal. I know she will do great (she’s really good at her job), but I know it’s also nerve wracking, so I am just trying to do anything to help.

Anyway, since I couldn’t surprise her in any way thus far, I decided to go big on the flowers. Instead of grabbing a single dozen of mixed red, orange and yellow roses, I decided that she needed 3 dozen: one of each color. I gotta say, I’m very happy I did it. They are absolutely gorgeous…and yes, they came from Safeway, if you can believe it. The pic to the right is an actual photo I took just a few minutes ago (a mere 3 minutes after midnight on April 2).

Also, the kids wanted to get her the Bee Movie, so I got that movie, as well, but truth be known, I think the kids tricked me into that one.

We are going to head over to Bonefish Grill tonight for dinner after everyone is settled here at home. We can have a nice dinner, talk about our hectic days, and enjoy the time together like best friends should on a birthday.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL day, my love, and here’s to many more birthdays where I won’t be able to surprise you at all!