Nate and His Cake

Nate and His Cake

Well, if you can believe it, the Nater Tater is 3.

It’s been a fun year this past year. Nate went from almost zero verbal communication to full blown sentences. His speech therapy has been amazing to watch and I praise all the great folks who have worked with him so diligently.

Nate’s also turned into quite the computer guru. He can turn on the computer by himself, log in, open a browser and he knows which link will take him to “games.” And if he’s feeling in the mood for a little Disney Toontown action, he asks Mommy or Daddy to “type it” - referring to the password needed to get in (he hasn’t figured out how to do that yet).

As you’ll see by the pics (click on it to see larger versions), he’s still into Curious George, even more so lately, which is great. We love him, too, and it’s not Barney, so you know, we got that going for us…which is nice!

Nate followed in his sister’s footsteps, getting a bike for his birthday, as well as a TON of fun things from everyone. We had a fairly small gathering of mostly family and a few friends to celebrate this weekend. He also got a call from Godfather Jeaux, which he really enjoyed.

Nater, I hope we get a chance to ride that bike soon. I know sissy is ready to show you how it’s done, since she’s now pretty proficient with her wheels.

I hope you had a great day. I know I had fun hanging out with you and just chillin’.

I love ya, buddy!