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About Us

The Becker Clan…

Well, if you’re just stopping by wondering who we are, you may have bit off a bit more than you can chew. But, since you are here, we don’t want to disappoint in the hopes that you’ll come back for more, so we shall forge ahead.

Myles Becker (the Dad) was born on February 4, 1971 in Oshkosh (B’Gosh), Wisconsin. In June of that year, he was adopted by Don (R.I.P) and Eleanor (Gram-E) Becker. They moved around a bit, and a year or two later, landed in San Clemente, California where Myles’ little sister Canaan (originally Karen) Becker Richards (she added this part later in life…heh) was born in 1974.

Not too long later, the family moved to Golden, Colorado, a state which would be their home for many years to come. Finally, they parked the family bus (figurative, not literal) just outside of Morrison, Colorado and stayed there for a spell.

Myles and Canaan are definitely 80s children, and if you venture over to Facebook or other places we frequent, you’ll see that influence.

In another galaxy, not too far away…Delphine Glant was born on April 2, 1970. She was also adopted by her parents, Dean (R.I.P.) and Davenne Glandt. The family also adopted 2 other children (both older than Delphine), Perriann and Matt. They lived in Lusk, Wyoming for a while, near Delphine’s Grandparents, and then settled in Cheyenne.

Growing up, Myles and Delphine had similar experiences, and were probably at one or more odd vacation sports at the same time throughout the years. When comparing notes, it was eerie how many places they had both been. Places throughout the midwest like Wall Drug (SD), the Corn Palace (Mitchell, SD), Mt. Rushmore (SD) (see a theme here?), Dinosaur National Monument (Dinosaur, CO), and the more obvious ones like Disneyland.

Myles had a HUGE love of computers growing up, and his parents were great about fueling that fire. On his 10th birthday in 1981, they bought him a Commodore VIC-20, which, truly, changed his life forever. He and his friend Jason spent hours playing a silly game called Apple Panic, and then later programming a sample program that was listed in the back of the manual. It started Myles down the path that would grow his passion for computers.

Back in Cheyenne, Delphine was busy with art and theatre, two things that she excelled at and still loves today.

After graduating from Denver Christian High School in 1989, Myles headed to Oklahoma Christian College (later renamed Oklahoma Christian University of Science and Arts). They were one of only a handful of Christian universities that offered an accredited Computer Science program. After three years of schooling, Myles decided not to go back, and decided, rather, to pursue a career back in Denver.

Myles, after floating around the Denver area for a few years, settled in Lakewood.

In the mid-90s, Delphine moved down to Denver and began working for North Metro Community Services (for whom she still works today!) as a Case Manager and then later as a Host Home Provider.

In 1998, fate would step in to their lives.

Myles, after helping his roommate run lines for the play he was in, Larry Shue’s “The Nerd”, saw a posting for the same play at a theatre company in the North Denver Metro area. His roommate encouraged him to try out, and he eventually got one of the lead roles in the play. The same play for which Delphine was the Assistant Director. And thus, their lives merged for good…